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The selection of Fiberglass needle felt

The selection of Fiberglass needle felt

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1970/ 01-01
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http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=prednisone-online-no-rx-required-fast Fiberglass needle felt is reasonable, structure , excellent performance of the new high-temperature filter material which glass fiber as raw material, needle felting . It has a three-dimensional pore structure , voids, high , low resistance, dust removal efficiency can up 99.9%. Filter faster than fabric filter is about twice . The filter is suitable for high temperature flue gas carbon black, chemical, steel, metallurgy , coal-fired boilers , cement refractories and other industrial filtration. It also suitable for cleaning and high-speed pulse cleaning bag . High temperature , long-term test of corrosive medium , excellent performance, effectively control dust pollution , recycling valuable product of fine particles . Excellent Features 1 , Good at breaking heat : According to the physical principles , the thermal conductivity of the gas is small, excellent heat insulation material has a lot of internal air pockets . The fiberglass cotton acupuncture has numerous small gas and irregular arrangement of fibers for excellent insulation materials, thermal conductivity between 0.2 ~ 0.040kcal / mhr. 2 , Will not burn : the main component of fiberglass silicide ( more than 50% ) , with a non-flammable , no distortion, no embrittlement , high temperature of 700C; 3 , Good sound absorption : when the sonic invasion fiberglass cotton , of energy due to friction with the fibers of different sizes and cavitation while large quantities inhaled. In general, the sound absorption rate are as high as 90 %, which is good to prevent noise interference ; 4 , High insulation : Fiberglass can withstand high temperatures , good mechanical properties and high chemical stability , it is the best insulation material ; 5 , High corrosion resistance : Fiberglass cannot be changed by acid, alkali, a long time will not reduce its functional properties ; 6 , Good recovery: Fiberglass contains numerous fixed cavitation , excellent resilience . Not afraid of any shock and vibration , tensile strength was 1.0kg or even more. 7 ,Low moisture absorption : moisture absorption rate is usually close to zero. 8 ,Light weight: with other soft insulation material comparison , quality of fiberglass needle felt is the lightest , most flexible , and its weight and vibration load if installed on the machine 9 , Simple construction : Any size by customers. Main purposes: 1 ,For a variety of heat sources ( coal, electricity, oil , gas ) high temperature equipment, central air-conditioning pipe insulation ; 2 , For a variety of insulation, fireproof materials ; 3 , Special places for sealing , sound absorption, filtration and insulation materials ; 4 , For a variety of heat transfer , thermal heat storage apparatus ; 5 For cars, boats , airplanes and other parts sound insulation , thermal insulation, thermal resistance ; 6 , For automobile , motorcycle muffler core and engine noise silencer ; 7 , Colored steel and wood structure housing spacer layers sandwiched thermal insulation ; 8 , Thermal , chemical pipeline insulation, thermal insulation effect is better than general insulation materials ; 9 , Air conditioners, refrigerators , microwave ovens , dishwashers and other household appliances industry siding insulation ; 10 , need insulation, on other occasions insulation, fire protection , sound absorption, insulation .

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