Knowledge about the filter bag

Knowledge about the filter bag

Bag house dust filter is the main one of the components , bag filter performance depends largely on the performance of the filter . Filter performance, mainly refers to the filtration efficiency , permeability and strength , which are related to the filter material and structure.

According baghouse Dust and dust principle characteristics of the filter to make the following requirements.
( 1 ) dust capacity, after cleaning to retain a certain degree of permanent dust , in order to maintain high filtration efficiency
( 2 ) in a homogeneous state dust permeability, low pressure loss
( 3 ) anti-crimping , abrasion , temperature and corrosion resistance , high mechanical strength
( 4 ) moisture absorption , easy cleaning
( 5 ) long life, low cost .

These requirements , depending on the physical and chemical properties of some fibers , depending on some filter structure. General media is difficult to meet all the requirements to be to select the appropriate filter according to the specific conditions of use . Category filter bag house used more by the filter material points, natural fibers, inorganic fibers and synthetic fibers . In recent years, with the development of synthetic fiber industry , we continue to be some cheap, durable, new media.
On the fibers, long fibers of short fiber two. Long pile surface fabric of small , high dust layer of pressure loss , but easy cleaning ; general staple fiber fabric surface has good hair, dust filtration performance, low pressure loss, but slightly difficult when cleaning . Press the filter structure points, cloth ( plain fabric and flannel ) and felts categories. Press cloth weave points, plain weave fabric, twill and satin three. Which is better overall performance twill , filtration efficiency and the cleaning effect can meet the requirements , flexibility , permeability is better than plain weave cloth , but somewhat less intensity than the plain weave fabric .

1 , Natural fiber filter
( 1 ) Cotton is one of the lowest price , usually only used for the following 80 ℃, high temperature strength drastically reduced , acid difference of less than 10μm dust filtration efficiency is low, generally less used.
( 2 ) woolen cloth ( woolen ) are usually woven wool flannel , thicker than cotton fiber cotton fiber than fine . Its good permeability , low resistance, high dust holding capacity , high filtration efficiency, easy cleaning , acid and alkaline is good, but can only be used for the following 90 ℃, the price is much higher than cotton or synthetic cloth .
( 3 ) tussah fabric ( silk flat ) surface smooth , easy cleaning , good ventilation , but little dust holding capacity , low efficiency filtration rate is large .

2 , An inorganic fiber filter Mainly refers to the glass fiber cloth , with good filtration performance , small resistance , good chemical stability , high temperature, non-hygroscopic and cheap price advantages. Alkali glass fiber cylindrical filter cloth , widely used in gas purification cement , smelting , carbon black and other industrial pesticides in . Filtration efficiency of the glass fiber cloth is lower than natural , synthetic media . Glass fibers do not wear, not bending, easy to break . To improve their properties, and aryl silicone , polytetrafluoroethylene , graphite and other treatment methods . Post-processing can improve the wear resistance , hydrophobicity , acid and softness , smooth surface, easy cleaning and prolong life.

3 , Synthetic fiber filter .In recent years , synthetic media has developed rapidly , and it is possible to replace the natural fiber filter . Currently using more polyamide ( nylon , nylon ) , polyester ( PET ) , polyacrylonitrile ( acrylic ),polyvinyl chloride ( vinylon ) , polytetrafluoroethylene and the like.  And synthetic fibers can also be cotton, wool fiber mixed weaving .

4 , Filter felt It has rolled blankets, blended blankets and fine filter after needle felt to synthetic fibers and the like. High efficiency dust filter felt , you can use high-speed filtering. Under the same conditions as the porosity , the average ratio of other filter fabric 2 ~ 3 times . But wear and bending poor. Surface structure felt loose , dust can penetrate into the interior , it is difficult cleaning , apply only to the use of powerful cleaning mode precipitator.

To this end, various surface Felt processing, such as fusion , resin -based or controlled heat treatment ( heating and compressing ) to improve the collection efficiency and cleaning performance felt . Felt fabric price ratio is high, and therefore suitable for use in large-scale installations , and the fabric is suitable for small devices.

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