Activated carbon filter maintenance

source site Activated carbon filter how to maintain it? Before the saturated carbon adsorption, backwash regularly to wash out a large number of bacteria on the surface of activated carbon and suspended solids, activated carbon and attached to the saturation, you should immediately replace the new activated carbon, otherwise it will cause reverse osmosis membrane irreparable operation. Why should the activated carbon filter to maintain it?
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Activated carbon filter is the use of the active center has rich pores on the macromolecular organic matter in the water, residual chlorine, iron oxide and other colloidal substances were suction filtration, the method can not be washed back to flush contaminants, in addition, activated carbon adsorption Organics, the bacteria provide a wealth of nutrition, resulting in a large number of bacteria within the activated carbon filter, the water content of microorganisms increased after filtration on activated carbon instead. Therefore, activated carbon filter must be maintained.

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